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Introducing Camp Courage: A Transformative OCD Treatment Program for Pediatrics & Adolescents

Introducing Camp Courage: A Transformative OCD Treatment Program for Pediatrics & Adolescents

Introducing Camp Courage: Embracing Growth and Empowerment

Thrive is thrilled to present its newest service, Camp Courage, an innovative OCD treatment program designed specifically for adolescents and pediatrics. Our program is here to empower clients to take control of life and overcome the challenges posed by OCD. With a team of compassionate professionals, we are dedicated to guiding clients towards growth and a life of courage.

Each client at Camp Courage is unique, and their journey is guided by their individual values. We encourage our clients to identify one value they would like to focus on during their work for each day. This empowers them to align their actions with their personal aspirations and provides a foundation for meaningful progress.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach: Empowering You and Your Support System

At Camp Courage, we believe in a comprehensive and personalized approach to treatment. We provide the following key components to support your journey:

  1. Thorough Psychosocial Assessment and Psychological Testing: By understanding your unique OCD features and any comorbid mental health issues, we can tailor treatment to specific needs. 
  2. Ongoing Psychiatric Assessment and Treatment: Our board-certified child and adolescent psychiatrist, specializing in OCD and related disorders, will work closely with you to provide continuous assessment and effective treatment. Our care coordinators also hold the responsibility of assessing client’s anxiety levels throughout all sessions, as well as conducting ERP sessions.  
  3. Individual, Family, and Multifamily Group ERP Therapy: We believe in the power of shared experiences and understanding. Through our therapy sessions, both individually and as a family, families will gain a deeper understanding of OCD and related behaviors. Not only is the client learning how to overcome their obsessions and compulsions, but the parents are also learning how to confront their child’s OCD symptoms without avoidance. Avoiding one’s OCD symptoms, on any scale, allows the condition to be left untreated. We support all parties in the steps to overcoming OCD challenges and provide guidance to help your family cease their involvement in avoidance behaviors.
  4. Exposure-Based Behavioral Tools: Thrive is dedicated to teaching clients the power of exposure therapy. When addressing OCD, two vital aspects of the treatment process emerge: a specialized variant of Cognitive Behavior Therapy termed “Exposure and Response Prevention” (ERP) and the incorporation of medication when deemed essential. Camp Courage employs both ERP and, if required, medication management to support clients on their journey towards recovery. Each exposure is meticulously crafted by Thrive therapists, tailored to fit the unique struggles of each client. Our staff accompanies clients on a two-hour-long journey, carefully designed to confront their unique fears. Whether it’s facing a fear of drinking water or tackling an obsession related to a specific food, support is present as our care coordinators take part in ERP sessions every step of the way. We guide clients through their fears, providing support and monitoring their anxiety levels throughout the process. By repeatedly facing their fears in a structured and supportive environment, clients learn to confront their emotions head-on, replacing avoidance with courage. 

Through intentional exposure and the ability to navigate the emotions that arise, our clients gain the tools to overcome their fears and reclaim their lives. We document each exposure meticulously, ensuring progress is tracked and celebrated. Step by step, fear is transformed into strength, and our clients emerge more resilient than ever. 

Program Structure: A Journey Towards Transformation

At Camp Courage, there are two comprehensive treatment options: Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Each program is designed to provide the right level of support and care for every unique need.

In between exposure times, group sessions are available where valuable support and guidance for the clients are found. These sessions assist clients in dealing with their struggles. By sharing experiences and strategies, clients cultivate resilience, knowing they are not alone in their journey. Together, we navigate the challenges, celebrate successes, and reinforce the courage that resides within each individual. 

Additional Activities and Support: Embracing a Well-Rounded Approach

To enhance your treatment experience, Camp Courage incorporates various activities and support measures. We believe in a holistic approach to healing. Clients have the opportunity to engage in social outings for exposure therapy, explore cooking experiments with different textures and colors, and enjoy mindful movement or sensory walks. These activities, along with exposure-based therapy, empower clients to take charge of  their life and further overcome the challenges that OCD presents.

A Path to Freedom: Embrace the Courage Within You 

Thrive’s Camp Courage is not just a treatment program; it is a transformative journey towards long-term recovery. We understand the impact that OCD has on psychological, educational, and relational well-being. Our goal is to empower those suffering from OCD to heal and create a life full of joy and possibilities. With evidence-based care and a compassionate team, we are bringing a new level of hope and opportunity to Northern Nevada. Together, we will nurture your growth, celebrate all victories, big and small, and accompany all who are welcome on this courageous path towards lasting transformation. Embrace the courage within you and embark on this life-changing journey today. 

About the Author Katie Stout-Ithurralde, MBA Regional Executive Director

Katie Stout joins Thrive with more than 17 years of experience in the behavioral health field, 13 years of which have been dedicated to eating disorder treatment. Katie has her master’s degree in business management along with an undergraduate degree in social work. As the previous chief executive officer of two behavioral health organizations, most recently serving as regional director of operations for Applegate Recovery, Katie has extensive experience in various settings including residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs, and outpatient therapy centers.With a passion that centers around treating the entire person, mind, body, and spirit, Katie provides a sense of trust that helps foster a safe environment for clients as they begin this path to a happier, healthier life.