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Our Approach to Health Care

Thrive Wellness is a holistic healing community that provides individualized, integrated, and team-based physical, mental, and behavioral health care with compassion.


At Thrive, we recognize that each client or patient is an individual with experiences, needs, and goals that are as unique as they are. We approach health care as a partnership with our patients and clients and walk alongside them on their journey to well-being.

As an organization rooted in community and devoted to maximizing healthcare equity, we welcome individuals and families from all walks of life and promote inclusivity with utmost respect, compassion, and kindness for all in our care.


Physical, mental, and behavioral health are undeniably linked, which makes integrated care not only effective but essential. As a collective, we understand and advocate for the importance of health care that encompasses all aspects of well-being. We believe in the profound power of a multidisciplinary team of professionals working hand-in-hand to help individuals achieve healing and experience optimal health through evidence-based treatment modalities and interventions. We also acknowledge and appreciate that, in comparison to fragmented or siloed health care models, an integrated approach provides continuity in care which leads to better outcomes and lower costs for clients and patients. We are proudly united in purpose, philosophy, and practice.


Our clinicians are committed to enhancing your health and nurturing your growth through comprehensive, collaborative, and connected care. Together, we work to unearth the root causes of symptoms and conditions, plant seeds of healing, and nourish entire well-being.

Thrive’s interdisciplinary team is diverse and devoted to helping you thrive. While our services and providers evolve to meet the needs of our communities, our clinical team is currently comprised of:

With sincerity, Thrive strives to provide the highest standard of care to each and every patient and client. Our team authentically embraces a unique value system that empowers us to support and serve our communities.

A Place to Grow

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