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Outpatient Perinatal Services


We welcome mamas, papas, and caregivers of all identities and backgrounds to our healing community. We support new parents and their families by providing them with care that reinforces their mental, emotional, and physical health — because caregivers should be cared for too.


Perinatal psychotherapy offers a comforting and constructive way to understand your transition into the role of a new parent, gain insight into your thoughts and feelings about the change, develop effective coping skills, and embrace new parenthood with a healthy mindset.

Specialized Reproductive Psychiatry

Around ten percent of new parents experience perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) which interfere with their ability to function, parent, and live life fully. Thrive perinatal psychiatrists specialize in treating the umbrella of PMADs which include:

  • Perinatal depression
  • Perinatal anxiety
  • Perinatal OCD
  • Perinatal psychosis

We understand that not all pregnancies are infused with absolute joy, and there may be other circumstances preventing you from fully enjoying your new role. We’re here to help you get to the root of your struggle, so you can grow into the parent you’re meant to be. We’re also experienced in treating perinatal grief and loss, and our healing community welcomes you with open arms.

Medication Management

Taking into consideration your hormone changes and how medication might affect your baby, our clinicians are skilled at working with new parents to find effective medication to treat your perinatal mental health condition. Coupled with psychotherapy, medication can help you overcome your mental health struggle and allow you to fully participate in new parenthood.

Primary Care

At Thrive Wellness, we believe in the power of integrating mental and physical healthcare. Our perinatal clinicians collaborate to provide you with balanced care that heals and nurtures. By understanding your mental-emotional state, we can provide you with well-founded primary care. *Currently only offered at Thrive Wellness Reno.

Nutrition Counseling

Nourishing your changing body during the perinatal period is challenging. Having support from a registered dietician, skilled in perinatal nutrition, can increase your overall sense of wellness. The right nutrients can help you balance your hormones, increase your energy, and boost your mood. You will also learn about intuitive eating to fuel your body with what it needs to care for your new little life.

Family and Couples Therapy

Bringing a baby into your life changes the role of everyone in the family. The new little person in life is an opportunity for your family to grow stronger bonds with each other. But we know that the transition is not always that simple. Through family and couple’s therapy, we can support your entire family in adjusting to the baby constructively, so you can bring it into a warm, welcoming, and loving environment.

A Place to Grow

For more information on Thrive Wellness, reach out. We’ll connect you with the care you’ve been hoping for.