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A Solo Holiday Season

A Solo Holiday Season

This year has had many ups and downs, and this holiday season has been especially tough. COVID-19 has changed the way this holiday season looks for most. We are so used to the holidays being filled with social events, family traditions and large gatherings. But this year, many have chosen not to see family members due to the ongoing pandemic. Even without the added complications of the pandemic, the holidays can bring up feelings of loneliness due to past memories, unhealthy family dynamics, or not having a significant other to share the holidays with.

The first thing to recognize is that it is okay to be alone. Our focus during the holidays is usually on our family, friends and others. We rarely take time for ourselves during the holidays. This holiday season, indulge in self-care! Here are some ways to focus on yourself this season.

Appreciate the little things. The holidays always focus on the big, large, and extravagant. This year we can’t have extravagant parties or large family dinners, but we can focus on the little things that make us happy. This can be as simple as sitting down to admire your Christmas tree or lighting your favorite candle. Appreciating moments that are stable and peaceful are so important to mental health.

Allow yourself to feel your feelings. It is okay to be disappointed, upset, angry, or sad this holiday season. There is an unrealistic expectation to be happy at all times during the holidays. Suppressing feelings can be detrimental to our mental health. We must acknowledge our feelings and talk about them.

Remember that self-care is not selfish. Sleep, nutrition, movement, breathing, and hydration not only boost your physical health but also boost your mental health. Take care of yourself this holiday season and give yourself some extra love. Enjoy some you time!

Thrive is here for you! 
Feelings of loneliness, depression and anxiety often surface during the holiday season. We are here to help guide you on your healing journey. Our therapists specialize in a variety of counseling topics and techniques. Let us lend you a helping hand. Thrive with us!