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A Thriving Education

A Thriving Education

Education is a top priority for our kiddos! As parents we want the best for our kids, including a top notch education. This year has been a challenge for all of us, especially for kids in school. COVID-19 changed the way education looks overnight. Kiddos went from classes in person to online and playing at recess to wearing masks and social distancing. This is a hard transition for any kid, especially young kids who might not be able to grasp exactly why these changes are happening. Kids can easily fall behind and struggle in school due to all of these drastic changes. Not only can this affect their grades but these changes can majorly affect their mental health.

Kids want to play, they want to be social and see their friends. Social distancing has made this close to impossible. This can bring up feelings of loneliness, lack of motivation, anxiety and depression. We are here to lend a helping hand to the school district to address the issue of mental health. At Thrive we are all about treating the whole person. We have recently added an Educational Wellness Program to help kiddos succeed academically while focusing on their mental health.

We want your kiddos to Thrive!

Our Educational Wellness Program includes a plethora of different services customizable to families. We offer an elementary education implementation program, individualized family plans, IEP/504 plan advocacy, play-based learning, and tutoring. Our elementary education implementation program is for kiddos in K-5th grade. A lot of families have decided to implement homeschooling due to the pandemic. Our program sends a licenced educator to your home to ensure your child is still receiving the best education possible while staying safe at home. Our education specialists make learning fun, engaging and keep your kiddos on track! This is beneficial for families who have decided to do at home learning because kids learn differently from a parent then they would a teacher. It is easier for a kid to get distracted from their parents. In addition to academics, this program stresses social-emotional growth. We want our kiddos to succeed academically and mentally. Tutoring is also available for kiddos 0-18 years old who are doing school in person or online. For more information about our services click here.