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Five Body-Positive Affirmations to Inspire Self-Love

Five Body-Positive Affirmations to Inspire Self-Love

Bodies of all shapes and sizes should be appreciated for their beauty, capabilities, and representation of authentic inner selves. Not only should we nourish our bodies through intuitive eating and mindful movement, but we should also shower them with self-love. Thrive Reno case manager Amanda Dudley shared her favorite body-positive affirmations and what they mean to her in honor of National Plus Size Appreciation Day.

Start loving your body with Amanda’s favorite affirmations and insights below. We hope these inspire you as much as they inspire us at Thrive.

1. A goal weight is an arbitrary number. How I feel is what is most important.

“I feel my best when I am engaging in activities that I enjoy, eating foods that I love (from steak salad to ice cream sandwiches), and practicing self-care daily. None of these practices involve checking a number on the scale. Alternatively, they involve listening to my body and mind and doing what makes me happy!” 

2. My body is a vessel for my awesomeness.

“I like to think that I am a pretty awesome person and that my body is a vessel that allows me to move my awesomeness from place to place.” 

3. My body is allowed to change.

“This affirmation is SO important! We are changing, adapting, and evolving each day. It seems to be easier for people to accept that our perspectives, priorities, hobbies, etc. can change throughout our lives. But, so few of us accept that our bodies change too, which is not only natural, but beautiful.” 

4. My body is my home. I pledge to always build it up and never tear it down.

“I just love this one! Build your body and mind up and thrive on!” Amanda said. 

5. When I look in the mirror, I love the strong and powerful person staring back at me.

“Whenever I feel a sense of self-doubt, I look in the mirror and tell myself out loud that I am strong, powerful, and resilient. With practice and repetition, this becomes more natural and really helps boost my confidence.”


For more information on our body-positive therapeutic services, which includes outpatient and inpatient eating disorder treatment as well as outpatient therapy please get in touch with us.