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KKOH-AM (Reno, NV)

Aired on September 13, 2020 at 12:05 PM on KKOH-AM (Reno, NV)
Reno, NV, United States
welcome back this is the Outlook and Jake Parker I hope you’re having a great day so far how you hang up because this kobe that thing has been going on for a lot longer than I thought it was going to do when I started I said OK a few weeks of social distance Aware of them maybe that everything will be done but as you can tell that is not the case and I think our mental health may be suffering my guest today a specialist in this area she is cat banker the founder and CEO of thrive wellness of reno that’s where they focus on emotional physical and behavioral health they’ve got a new program it’s a new educational wellness program is designed to be a whole list tickets for students as well as teachers I think this is something desperately needed during a pandemic you can check out their website it’s thrive wellness reno Dotcom cat this pandemic has kept us inside away from other people away from things we love to do wait longer than I thought it was going to I think people are lonely so first off how are you holding up what are you doing to take care of yourself I am doing okay you know it’s a bad dream thing I think a lot of people going get plain murder I am were you know I have been laid off that sofa bed and mental health care are really being in and clock right now so I am taking my helper sure but definitely working harder than usual it’s I believe it and I don’t enjoy it you know things like this but if there is any silver lining to these kinds of situations I hope we can see the importance of things such as mental health and I learned recently that loneliness is an actual health problem it’s not only bad men flee but has physical consequences as well is that one of the symptoms or experiences case’s that you’re seeing as loneliness really bad right now absolutely and I think lonely and have that bleed over time we didn’t choose to become a damn what you can and because struggling what well I mean there is a lot of energy a lot of things E you’re enjoying feeling like he might want to weep more merge and bad a little bit longer sara maybe he just didn’t have the energy like egypt not I doubt it you have been wanting to get q or get to the gym not give me your vote for Elan that kind of thing Yeah I think all those things are the things that keep us mentally healthy I mean I only recently started going to the gym again because I moved to an apartment complex where nobody else goes and wins in I do was first trying to start going again there are people you know not everybody was wearing a mask was just we feared and I stopped going in and I noticed the mental decline stop wanting to be as productive as I normally am I stopped having fun I stop laughing as much so anyway it’s just important to find those those outlets that allow you to really keep your mental health on point and keep your activity up to whatever extent you can whether it’s doing a puzzle you know making a candle I made a candle the other day lavender scented it was amazing I never thought that was something I learned to do but that’s now is one of my new Cove their hobbies and Nino winters not that far off found hopefully it doesn’t get worse when the sun isn’t shining as frequently so can the real reason we’re here today Let’s talk about the children because their back to school sort of the half online Oh wait there’s smoke so it’s all online the kids have been put through the wringer through this whole thing and if any of us who remember our childhood does anything to say about it going outside and playing with your friends was a huge part of school and you know you get your social skills there you get your physical activity there and so much of that has been taken away how are the kids doing great point to bring up so I feel so worried cheer for our head I completely agree with you one different angle here for the first time and We serve a lot kiddos already that are struggling with anxiety struggling with depression before before all that may be struggling with a family changed you know mom about getting worse something like that Endo the kids when you add coating on top in new ad bit mope on top in the ad not being able to run around and play outside a friend Anwar good school every ball and it really compounds issues but what already here so one of the things I really notice wired this need for additional support in order to promote mental Howell with education so a good friend bars factually you know my wife looked really thinking about not going back to the school District right now so and she loved working with kids but struggle with any sort of special mental help need so what would you think about adding hurt your team