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Life Is a Balancing Act: Why Maintaining Balance Matters

Life Is a Balancing Act: Why Maintaining Balance Matters

balanced life

By Thrive Waco Therapist Katherine Moore, MA, LPC-Associate


The Grounding Benefits of Balance

Leading a balanced life means equally distributing your energy among things that sustain you physically, mentally, and emotionally. These often include a mix of “work and play,” such as employment, relationships, social activities, hobbies, and self-care practices. Balance between one’s obligations and interests creates a stable foundation that equips individuals to embody their best selves, cope with unexpected obstacles, and manage stress.

The Draining Nature of Imbalance 

Alternatively, imbalance in one’s life can upset a person’s overall well-being. Instead of balancing their attention between endeavors that nourish their physical, mental, and emotional health, individuals struggling with imbalance tend to overextend themselves, dedicating a disproportionate amount of their energy to activities that don’t cultivate comparable happiness. Investing too much time in undertakings that diminish your spirit can lead to burnout, which can cause you to feel exhausted, stressed, irritable, unsociable, and sick. 


When setting out to find a sense of balance between your obligations and interests, it’s important to consider how your current priorities align with your values. 

You can assess this by asking yourself:

  • What elements of my life are most important to me? 
  • What elements of my life are currently receiving the majority of my time and energy? 
  • How much of my time and energy am I currently spending on the aspects of my life that I feel are most important? 
  • How much of my time and energy am I currently spending on the aspects of my life that I feel are less important? 

Your responses should provide clarity on the facets of your life that reward your attention with more purposefulness, contentment, and joy. Alternatively, self-inquiry should offer more insight into the parts of your life that are not worth as much of your energy. 

With this new understanding, you may consider setting healthy boundaries, saying no to obligations that aren’t serving you, and saying yes to your physical, mental, and emotional needs. By dedicating more of yourself to the elements of your life that you value, you can honor your authenticity, nurture your inner-self, and embrace life with renewed inspiration.

Just as life is ever-changing, balance is an ongoing and evolving practice. New developments will inevitably arise, so it’s important to remain both flexible and intentional as you adjust the allocation of your attention to elements that nourish your well-being.


By offering unbiased, professional perspectives, therapists can guide you in evaluating the state of balance in your life. From there, they can empower you to establish balance, so you can embrace each day feeling exhilarated rather than exhausted. If you would like to learn more about Thrive’s therapeutic services, reach out to us.   

About the Author

Thrive Waco Therapist Katherine Moore, MA, LPC-Associate

Katherine’s areas of clinical focus include mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety), adjustment, identity, self-esteem, life transitions, relationships, as well as grief and loss. She’s passionate about facilitating growth, providing empathy, and forming genuine connections with clients. Katherine believes that we all have stories that shape us and make us who we are, and she feels honored to create a safe space where an individual’s story can be shared. She hopes that all clients feel seen and heard during sessions with her and that through the process of therapy they discover new insights, awareness, authenticity, and self-agency.

Katherine earned her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in English at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor as well.

Quality time is one of Katherine’s top love languages, and when not at Thrive she can be found sharing that time with those she cares for, browsing bookstores, watching the same shows repeatedly on Netflix, exploring the outdoors, and traveling.

Supervised by Erin McGinty Fort, LPC-Supervisor (76628) | Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors