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Seven Self-Confidence Boosting Affirmations and Tips for Victims of Bullying

Seven Self-Confidence Boosting Affirmations and Tips for Victims of Bullying

At every phase of life, we can be met with the challenge of dealing with a bully. Having a strong foundation of self-confidence can help you stay strong, positive, and unaffected by the demeaning nature of a bully. But, sometimes we can forget what makes us so incredible – especially when faced with a bully’s judgment, mocking, and meanness. 

Before letting a bully get you down, rise above by affirming your amazing authentic self — to yourself. In honor of Bullying Prevention Month, here are seven of Thrive Reno’s Executive Director’s favorite affirmations and tips. Recite these and allow them to become ingrained in your sense of self, and the animosity of a bully shouldn’t have as much effect on you. As they say, “Sticks and stones…”


  1. You are not who or what the bully is claiming you are.
  2. Just because people are calling you names or labeling you does not make it true.
  3. Bullying behavior is about the bully, not you.
  4. Bullies are bullies because of abuse and/or mental illness they are experiencing, not because of you.
  5. Do not absorb the words of a bully into your brain, let them bounce off of you. Picture their words floating down a river instead of sticking to you.
  6. Every time a bully says something mean to you or about you, say two kind facts about yourself out loud or write them down in a journal
  7. What makes you special? Focus on those aspects of yourself and find strength in your uniqueness.


Instead of believing a bully’s insults as facts, affirmations allow you to train your brain to replace them with kind truths about yourself. By relying on these affirmations and tips, you can stay logical and refrain from becoming consumed by your emotions. 


Bullies can take a major toll on our mental and emotional health. Sometimes professional therapeutic support can be just what we need to break through the challenge of a bully. If you’re seeking support, reach out to us for help so you can start thriving!