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Nutrition Support Services


At Thrive Wellness Reno, we believe that in order to thrive, one must nourish their entire being based on the ABCs of nutrition – adequacy, balance, and choice. In other words, we need to eat enough of a variety of foods to function well and feel good. We also need to be educated and feel empowered to do so intuitively and autonomously.

While general nutrition guidelines can offer insightful information, each individual is unique and there is no magic recipe for all to master. In our culture and society, we are inundated with complex, conflicting, and inaccurate messages about nutrition, dieting, and body image. Naturally, it can be challenging to cut through the clutter and uncover what is actually essential and authentic when it comes to nutrition. With individualized nutritional support, you can discover how to fuel your body, mind, and soul in ways that are founded in facts and feel true to you.


Our registered dietitians (RDs) are educated and experienced in providing evidence-based nutrition counseling and therapy to a variety of clientele. We embrace a Health At Every Size (HAES®) and weight-inclusive approach to nutrition and are passionate about helping clients establish sustainable habits and behaviors to boost their well-being. With care and compassion, we partner with you to identify and understand your nutritional needs, find creative and enjoyable ways to fulfill those needs, and flourish. Often, we incorporate mindfulness practices, breathwork, and mindful movement to encourage self-awareness, promote body-positivity, and enhance one’s relationships with both food and their bodies.

Whether narrowing in on navigating nutrition with a health condition or simply seeking to improve your overall well-being, adolescents and adults alike can benefit from an anti-diet approach to nutritional guidance tailored to their unique needs.

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*Additionally, Thrive’s RDs are clinically trained to help clients develop strategies to address food and drug interactions.


Our client experience team is eager to assist you with scheduling an appointment with a registered dietitian. Reach out today to take the first step on the path to better health.

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