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Treatment Philosophy & Approach

At Thrive, we embrace and implement a compassionate, community-oriented approach to specialized perinatal mental health care. By providing sound therapeutic support in a nurturing environment, we strive to offer a safe haven for holistic healing. We truly believe it takes a village and that our program provides an invaluable treatment experience for clients and a unique resource to families in our community.


Because physical and mental health is intricately intertwined, caring for all aspects of self is essential to the well-being of parents and their babies alike. Our all-encompassing “It Takes A Village” perinatal program is facilitated by an interdisciplinary team that includes:

Our clinicians work hand-in-hand with one another and partner with clients to approach treatment from all angles and encourage whole healing.

Furthermore, community connection is at the core of the “It Takes A Village” program. Having the comfort and support of a close-knit community of parents and caregivers who are experiencing similar struggles can be incredibly cathartic and can significantly promote one’s progress on the path to healing. In addition to the group therapy we weave into the fabric of our program, we offer free virtual support groups to further foster healing founded in community.

Learn more about our community offerings.


In our village, we recognize and respect each participant as a unique individual while also holding space for the group as a whole. While the overall structure and content of the program serve to set the tone for comprehensive, community-oriented care, our team intentionally tailors programming to meet the needs of individuals and the dynamics of the group as a collective at any given time.

Daily virtual group therapy provides psychoeducation about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) and specialized support on a variety of topics targeted to perinatal and overall well-being, such as:

Effective, evidence-based modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), attachment centered play therapy, and other therapeutic interventions are expertly implemented in group programming and therapy sessions as appropriate.


At Thrive, we acknowledge that people of all identities and backgrounds experience perinatal mental health challenges. Our program is welcoming and attentive to a range of perinatal experiences that reflect diversity related to gender, sexual orientation, and family structure. We honor that all paths to family-building are valid and we are eager to support all parents, including both birthing individuals and otherwise-nongestational parents, as well as extended and polyamorous family systems. In essence, all are welcome, valued, and respected in our village. 

No matter the size or shape, a family consists of more than one individual and all are impacted by the arrival of little ones. At Thrive, we are committed to nurturing the well-being of the entire family and therefore apply a family systems approach to perinatal mental health care. While one is enrolled in “It Takes A Village,” our team takes time to inform and educate co-parents, older children, and close family members about PMADs, enabling them to encourage the healing of their loved ones and their family as a whole.

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